All The Details… Answering All Your Q & A’s!

For Newborn Sessions:

  • When should I book my newborn session?

I recommend to all of my clients that they book their newborn sessions NO LATER then the beginning of their 2nd trimester.  I still book clients who are in their 3rd trimester but my calendar fills up quickly.  Securing your session early on is something I highly recommend.  My heart breaks when I cannot accommodate clients and fit them into my booking schedule.

  • Where will the session take place?

This depends entirely on YOU!  At Simply Beloved Studio, I love to capture your newborn in my home studio or in your home.  I take great pride in making sure that my studio is a clean, warm, germ-free, inviting space for all my clients.  However, I know that some of my new parents don’t feel comfortable bringing their new bundle into public places during those first few days of life and would much rather have the session in their home.  If you want a home session, you got it!   Home sessions are referred to as “Lifestyle Sessions”.  These sessions are capturing those intimate moments of baby with their new family in your home.  During these sessions, I do not bring props, etc.  It’s simply capturing your newborn in their new environment.  

  • Do you have props or do I provide them for the session?

During your newborn session at Simply Beloved Studio, I provide all the props.  All the blankets, buckets/baskets, headbands, etc. that you see in my images are carefully selected for your session by me.  That being said; if you have a prop that has sentimental value, I have no issues adding them into the session for you.  However, as previously stated to the type of session you book, their are no props brought to the “Lifestyle Newborn Session”.

  • What else do I need to know for my newborn session (when will we schedule the session since newborns come when they are ready and not always on their due dates, what should we wear, what if baby ends up in the NICU?

In preparing for your Newborn Session with Simply Beloved Studio, I will provide you a “Parent Prep Guide” that goes over all the details of how to prep you and your baby for your session, including if they are born prematurely or spend any time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  

Baby & Family Sessions:

  • What location will we be shooting at?

Depending on the time of year will depend on where the session will take place!  If it’s winter and we are having blistering cold temps, I am happy to reschedule for a warmer day or keep the session and bundle up.  If it’s beautiful outside and the session time yields to yummy light, we will be shooting outdoors in the heart of Chattanooga, TN!!

  • Do I need to bring anything to the session?

Depending on whether you are having a “mini baby session” or a regular baby session, you will have to bring the outfits to accommodate those portrait settings.  This will all be discussed via email when you decide on the type of session you are wishing to book

  • What should I  & baby wear for our session?

This is a great question and this is all included in the “Client Prep Guide” you will receive once we have booked your Baby Session with Simply Beloved Studio.

Why Digital Images & Do You Offer Other Products?

This is a great question and one that I feel strongly about.  I offer all my clients “digital files” with their collections.  Digital files are what everyone wants and I do not blame them at all.  With that being said, it makes me sad as a photographer to produce gorgeous images for families to have them only stay tucked away on a cd/usb drive somewhere.  I love that I can provide my clients with digital files of their images, but I am ecstatic when clients send me pictures or welcome me to their home to show me their images showcased on their walls.  If you are going to invest in professional photography, PLEASE use those files and adorn your home with those images!  I offer a variety of additional products for my clients to get their digital files in print!  I adore creating canvas wall galleries and albums for my clients.  With all of my digital files, clients will receive a print release along with my recommendations of where to have their images printed (though not limited to my recommendations).  Simply Beloved Studio will always own the copyright to the images, however, you will have permission to print your images anywhere.

Do You Offer Payment Plans For Booking A Session?

Due to the high demand of photography sessions with Simply Beloved Studio a $300 deposit is required.  A PayPal invoice will be sent within 48hours of your booking the session.  The $300 retainer is non-refundable/non-transferable and will secure your booking spot on Simply Beloved Studio’s booking calendar.  The retainer must be paid within 48 hours of receiving the invoice or your session spot will be released for other bookings.  Your remaining balance is due the week of your scheduled session.  Payment plans are available, please inquire at the time of booking.  Simply Beloved Studio also reserves the right to change pricing without notice at our discretion.  All sessions booked and deposits paid prior to the price change will NOT incur additional fees. Only those going forward from the increase.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

What Did You Do Before Photography & How Long Have You Been A Professional Photographer?  

Photography has ALWAYS been a passion for me… ALWAYS!  However, when it was time for me to go to college… I had to yield my Mom’s wisdom and chose a career that I could always fall back on if I never had success as a photographer.  So I decided on Pediatric Nursing.  My passion for kids has always been there.  I knew in some capacity I would always work with kids.  So I went into pediatric nursing and still work as a nurse on a monthly basis; however, when my photography business took off 3 years ago I had to cut back on my nursing career.  It was welcomed and I could not be happier and feel more blessed as to where my business is currently!  I know that so many new mothers have told me how much at ease they feel bringing their newborn to the studio knowing I have a pediatric nursing background.  It gives them that little bit of extra confidence.  What one mom said recently resonated with me… ” I know you are going to take gorgeous pictures of my baby, but it’s just icing on the cake knowing that you know exactly how to care for them in a mothering and professional way!”  So in short, before photography= pediatric nursing; professional photographer= 3 …pushing 4 years 🙂 !

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